Make our Communities Safer – Crack down on Crime

Our communities are under siege from crime.  The legislature has failed to make our communities safer as SB 91 continues to favor the criminals over the victims. We need to fully repeal SB91in its entirety and restore criminal arrests, sentences, and penalties for committing crimes. Last session the legislature didn’t fix it- they just put lipstick on a pig.

The catch and release of criminals, or worse yet the inability of law enforcement to prosecute crime, has created a crime wave.

I saw this coming – in 2016 as your representative in the republican house majority,  I very vehemently opposed and voted against SB 91. I was one of the few House members to oppose it. At the time I was criticized for not voting with the legislative leadership -now you know why.

As a legislator you must make tough decisions: you can either be tough, take heat, and do what’s right, or be mushy and follow the leadership like a pied piper right off a cliff.

What needs to be Done

Public safety is my top budget priority: funding troopers, prosecutors, courts, and corrections. How are we going to pay for this? By cutting state funding for welfare programs to the bone-  the bare minimum to receive matching federal funds. The state also funds grants to many non-profit entities, ones that didn’t exist in years past.  There needs to be an evaluation of all grants with a matrix to evaluate the most effective ones, and cut the rest. It’s an easy decision for me to put public safety over of hand outs to social programs. It is hard to make cuts, because there is a group defending every program. (they probably travel to Juneau to lobby using the grant $.)